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Do you need an electrician in Nottingham which specialises in commercial properties? DCR Electrical Ltd are professional electrical contractors based in Newark near Nottingham. We are a well established company that have a wealth of experience of large scale electrical installations.


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Electricians In Nottingham Offering A New Level Of Quality And Service

DCR Electrical offer you a professional comprehensive electrical service to fulfil your commercial sector requirements.

Each of our electricians in Nottingham are fully qualified with a wealth of experience in large scale electrical installations.

Standard Electrical

Our electrical contractors manage full electrical installations in Newark and Nottingham from the beginning to end offering guidance on all aspects of requirements to complete the installation.

3 Phase Electrical

Most commercial electrical installations will require a 3 phase electrical installation. This falls hand in hand with our standard electrical installation service.

Electrical Maintenance

Once your electrical installation is completed, DCR offer service and support options to maintain your business with a set cost to implement into your annual budget.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Installation is a safety critical part of your business. DCR gives you piece of mind that a competent experienced electrical contractor has installed your network of fire alarm sensors within your property.

Security Alarm

Security alarms protect your business from theft of valuable assets, stock and information. Our electrical contractors install large scale intellegent alarm systems.

Cat 5, Cat 5e

DCR offer a full Cat 5 installation service. Cat 5e is the latest standard as it is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit per second) which allows for faster data transfer within your business.

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Electrician Nottingham

If you need company which can provide you with an electrician in Nottingham qualified and experienced in the installation or service of large scale electrical projects, DCR Electrical are the company for you.

Our Electricians in Nottingham have acquired a vast amount of electrical contracting experience through the progressive natural growth of the business and subsequent reputation of our ability to provide you with the quality, service and correct pricing structure combined.

This evolutionary step is a direct result of hard work, experience gained and quality of service provided by our professional electricians in Nottingham. Did you know, not only do we have electricians in Nottingham, we continuously have electricians in Mansfield ready for all your commercial electrical installations?

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Electrical Contractors With High Quality Standards

Attention to detail and quality of work has been our core focus from day one. Customer satisfaction is the very foundation of our business model and we work closely with each and every client to achieve this goal.

As a standard, DCR are the electrical contractors that check each and every part of our completed work. This enables us leave you with 100% piece of mind that one sector of your working project is safe, complete and signed off.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require an electrical quote.