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Luxury Swimming Pool Design & Build Solutions

DCR offer luxury swimming pool design and build solutions.

Luxury Swimming Pool Installation Newark

Our team of swimming pool experts will work with you to develop a bespoke design fitting for your property and desire.

We adhere to quality through perfection and promise 100% satisfaction on project completion.

Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool design is essential in ensuring that you maximise pool size potential whilst maintaining a comfortable poolside environment. DCR design swimming pools of all different shapes and sizes dependent on the clients requirements and more importantly expectations.

Swimming Pool Heating

The most expensive element of owning a pool is undoubtedly the heating of water contained. As a company that also specialises in heating, this is where DCR will prove to be the most effective project. We have vast experience in providing the most efficient heating method for your swimming pools where efficiency is paramount. Our heating engineers work with the latest technology including renewable energy to provide you with low cost alternatives to existing solutions.

Swimming Pool Types

DCR Offer a vast range of swimming pool design and build opportunities.


DCR have established a solid reputation for designing and building bespoke, luxurious swimming pools for clients which demand nothing less than the absolute best. Our design team work closely with each client to ensure that the pool is designed to provide a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere to enjoy personally or whilst entertaining guests. Our heating engineers offer cost savings though optimised latest technology heating solutions to ensure that you have the most cost efficient heating solution for your swimming pool.


Hydrotherapy pools provide invaluable help for people which have medical conditions such as muscle and joint problems.


With luxury as the key focus, DCR design and build luxurious, relaxing spa style pools for hotel and club members to enjoy wellness and vitality. During each design and build, we work closely with hotel and spa owners to generate the most relaxing atmosphere for guests to return time and time again.


DCR offer both school sports swimming pools for training young swimming athletes and also special education needs pools for students with injuries where a bespoke design is essential for elements such as easy access.


Specialising in the installation of communal swimming pools for the local community to enjoy recreational swimming, swimming lessons and occasional sports events, we design and build local authority pools with scale and the high traffic element as a key focus. Our heating expertise also pay dividends to local authorities where we are able to identify inefficiencies in existing configurations and subsequently offer alternate, more cost effective solutions to heat the pool water. Due to the scale of communal pools, this can result in significant cost savings.


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Trusted Swimming Pool Company

If you need company which can provide you with the full process of concept, design, build and service, DCR are vastly experienced in this sector and the company for you.

Our swimming pool engineers have acquired a vast amount of experience through the natural growth of the business and subsequent reputation from our ability to provide you with quality, service and correct pricing structure combined.

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Mechanical Engineers With High Quality Standards

Attention to detail and quality of work has been our core focus from day one. Customer satisfaction is the very foundation of our business model and we work closely with each and every client to achieve this goal.

As a standard, DCR are a swimming pool company that check each and every part of our completed work. This enables us leave you with 100% piece of mind that one sector of your working project is safe, complete and signed off.

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